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The Burial

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20232 h 06 min

A lawyer helps a funeral home owner save his family business from a corporate behemoth. In a move to bring resonance to a dry case, the lawyer digs up a complex web of race, power, and oppression that forces everyone to examine prejudices.

Title The Burial
IMDb Id tt5648882
Director Margaret Betts
Runtime 2 h 06 min
Languages English
Release Date 6 October 2023
Movie Media
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated

The Burial (2023): A stirring legal drama with heart and soul

The Burial is a 2023 American legal drama film directed by Maggie Betts and written by Betts and Doug Wright. It is loosely based on the true story of lawyer Willie E. Gary and his client Jeremiah Joseph O’Keefe’s lawsuit against the Loewen funeral company, as documented in the 1999 New Yorker article of the same name by Jonathan Harr. The film stars Jamie Foxx as Gary and Tommy Lee Jones as O’Keefe, alongside Jurnee Smollett, Mamoudou Athie, and Bill Camp.

The Burial follows the story of Willie E. Gary, a charismatic and smooth-talking lawyer who is hired by Jeremiah O’Keefe, the owner of a small family funeral home in Mississippi. O’Keefe’s business is struggling after a corporate behemoth, Loewen Group, moves into town and begins offering predatory pricing. Gary convinces O’Keefe to sue Loewen Group for antitrust violations, and the two men embark on a journey to expose corporate greed and racial injustice.

The Burial is a David vs. Goliath story at its core, but it is also a film about friendship, family, and the power of community. Gary and O’Keefe form an unlikely bond as they battle the powerful Loewen Group, and they are supported by a cast of unforgettable characters, including O’Keefe’s wife and daughter, and Gary’s law partner.

The Burial is a well-crafted and timely film that is sure to resonate with audiences. It is a stirring legal drama with heart and soul, and it features two powerhouse performances from Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones.

Here are some of the things that critics have said about The Burial:

  • “The Burial is a stirring legal drama with heart and soul.” –
  • “Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones give powerhouse performances in this moving and inspiring film.” – The Hollywood Reporter
  • “The Burial is a timely and important film that exposes corporate greed and racial injustice.” – Variety
  • “The Burial is a must-see for fans of legal dramas, courtroom thrillers, and films with powerful social messages.” – Deadline

If you are looking for a well-made and thought-provoking film, I highly recommend The Burial. It is a film that will stay with you long after you have seen it.

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