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A Jackfruit Mystery

20231 h 55 min

When two prized jackfruits disappear from a politician's garden, a spirited cop's investigation takes an unexpected turn as she digs for the truth.

Title Kathal
IMDb Id tt18413766
Runtime 1 h 55 min
Languages Hindi
Release Date 19 May 2023
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Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language satirical comedy drama film written by Ashok Mishra and directed by Yashowardhan Mishra for Netflix. The film is produced by Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Guneet Monga and Achin Jain under the banners Balaji Motion Pictures and Sikhya Entertainment. The film features Sanya Malhotra, Anant V Joshi, Vijay Raaz, Rajpal Yadav, Brijendra Kala, Neha Saraf and Raghubir Yadav in prominent roles. The film released on 19 May 2023 via Netflix.


Two exotic breed Kathals (Jackfruit) go missing from a tree in the garden of an MLA’s house in a small town. Police inspector Mahima is assigned the case. The whole police unit is under a lot of pressure to find the kathals before they get ready to eat. The chief suspect is the gardener of the house who was recently fired, but when Mahima finds the gardener, it is discovered that his daughter has been missing for days while the police are ignoring all cases to look for the kathal. Mahima tries to find the gardener’s daughter by tricking people into thinking that kathals are being stolen by her.


Kathal is a satirical comedy that delicately delivers powerful messages, particularly targeting the patriarchal ecosystem and caste-divided Bharat. The film is a clever blend of humor and social commentary, and it succeeds in both respects.

Sanya Malhotra is excellent as Mahima, a strong and independent police officer who is determined to solve the case, despite the many obstacles she faces. The supporting cast is also very good, with Vijay Raaz and Rajpal Yadav delivering particularly memorable performances.

The film is well-written and well-directed, and it keeps the viewer engaged throughout. The humor is subtle and intelligent, and the social commentary is sharp and insightful.


Kathal is a must-watch for fans of satirical comedy and social commentary. It is a well-made film with a strong cast and a powerful message.

Additional thoughts

Kathal is a refreshing addition to the Indian film landscape. It is a film that is both entertaining and thought-provoking, and it is sure to resonate with a wide audience.

The film does a good job of balancing its humor with its social commentary. It never feels preachy or heavy-handed, and it manages to make its points in a subtle and effective way.

Kathal is a film that will stay with you long after you have watched it. It is a film that makes you think about the world around you, and it challenges you to see things in a new way.

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