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Bhagwan Bharose

In a world blinded by faith, can innocence win over hate?

20231 h 34 min

A story about two young, impressionable kids whose ideas about faith are constantly questioned and changed as their little world expands and takes into its fold, their country's fast-changing socio-political landscape.

Title Bhagwan Bharose
IMDb Id tt15360286
Director Shiladitya Bora
Runtime 1 h 34 min
Languages Hindi
Release Date 13 May 2023
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Movie Rating Not rated
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Bhagwan Bharose: A powerful film about faith, innocence, and communal violence

Bhagwan Bharose is a 2023 Hindi-language film directed by Shiladitya Bora and starring Satendra Soni, Sparsh Suman, Vinay Pathak, Masumeh Makhija, Shrikant Verma, Mahesh Sharma, and Sawan Tank. The film tells the story of two young boys, Bhola and Shambhu, who grow up in a small town in India during the 1980s. The boys are best friends, despite their different religious backgrounds. However, their friendship is tested when communal violence erupts in their town.

The film is a powerful and moving exploration of the impact of communal violence on innocent people. It is also a meditation on the nature of faith and the importance of tolerance.

Bhagwan Bharose has been praised for its realistic portrayal of communal violence and its sensitive handling of religious themes. The film has also been praised for its strong performances, particularly from the two young lead actors.

The film has won several awards, including the Flame Award for Best Film at the 25th UK Asian Film Festival. It is scheduled to be released in Indian cinemas on October 13, 2023.

Why you should watch Bhagwan Bharose

Bhagwan Bharose is a film that everyone should watch, regardless of their religion or background. It is a powerful and moving story about the impact of communal violence on innocent people. It is also a meditation on the nature of faith and the importance of tolerance.

The film is well-made and features strong performances from the entire cast. It is a must-watch for anyone who wants to understand the realities of communal violence and its impact on society.

Here are some additional thoughts on the film:

  • Bhagwan Bharose is a timely film, given the rise of communal violence in India and other parts of the world.
  • The film is a reminder that communal violence is not just a political issue, but also a human issue. It has a devastating impact on the lives of innocent people, especially children.
  • The film also challenges us to think about the nature of faith. Is faith used to divide people or to bring them together?
  • Bhagwan Bharose is a powerful and moving film that will stay with you long after you have seen it.

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