How to Prepare rose flower jam

How to Prepare rose flower jam

Rose flower jam or rose flower jam (Qizil Gul Morabasi) with rose flower leaves has been one of the Iranian jams since ancient times. A delicious and fragrant jam popular in Azerbaijan and especially in Tabriz city can be prepared with fresh and dried roses. Read how to prepare rosehip jam without sugar and mould in 2 ways with fresh and dry petals, as well as how to get the bitterness of rosehip jam in Cyrus magazine.

How to prepare fresh rose flower jam

  • Material preparation time: 60 minutes
  • Cooking time of rosehip jam: 30 minutes
  • The number of calories in 100 grams of rosemary jam: 400 calories

Necessary ingredients how for preparing rose flower jam with fresh Kashan flowers.

  • Rose petals without leaves: 500 grams
  • Sugar: 1 French cup with handles
  • Water: 4 French glasses with handles
  • Lemon essence: 1 teaspoon

How to make Rosemary jam with fresh flowers

First stage: Boiling petals in a rose jam

To make fresh or rose flower jam, you have to go through the same steps as how to make rose flower syrup. For this, wash the cleaned petals. Boil once or twice in beer for a few minutes to remove the bitterness. Then drain the petals until completely dry (so the jam does not mould).

Second stage: Prepare the nectar of rosehip jam

In a preferably glazed pot (to have a transparent and shiny jam), mix water and sugar and put it on a medium flame until the sugar dissolves completely in the water and, of course, the mixture of water and sugar becomes thick. In the middle of the jam nectar thickening, add cardamom.

Third level: Adding rose petals to jam nectar

Add the petals when the mixture of water and sugar gets some consistency. Allow 20 minutes for the petals to boil in water and sugar. In the last 5 minutes, add lemon juice (be sure to add lemon juice because it will make the jam bright and red and not cloudy.

Do not add lemon juice instead of lemon essence because, in this case, the petals will not give back colour well, and the rose jam will not be beautiful.

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Fourth stage: Brewing rosehip jam to make it beautiful

After 20 minutes, please turn off the jam and put it in the brewing pot. Pour water and ice into a large bowl and put the bottom of the pot in it. This technique makes the rosehip jam beautiful and not cloudy because it shocks the jam.

Last stage: How to serve rosehip jam

After 10 minutes, put the pot in the refrigerator overnight until morning. When the rosehip jam is cold, pour it into a clean glass container with a lid and store it in the refrigerator.

How to make Rosemary jam with dried petals

Necessary ingredients, how to make jam with dried petals

  • Rose petals: 2 French glasses with handles
  • Sugar: 4 French glasses with handles
  • Boiling water: 4 French glasses with handles
  • Lemon essence: 1 teaspoon

The steps of how to prepare rose flower jam with dried petals.

First stage: Preparing dry petals for rose jam

First, heat the pink part of the petals (separate the red ones) in a pan on a low gas flame. A few minutes of roasting is enough for the petals to become crispy and get out of the rubbery, hard and stretchy state.

Then wait for the petals to cool down and crush them with your hands. Put the petals in a container and add two glasses of boiling water. Wait an hour and then drain the petals. This will shock the petal and give back its fragrance.

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Second stage: Prepare the nectar of rosehip jam

Put sugar in a pot with two glasses of boiling water on a medium gas flame to make a thick nectar. Add cardamom seeds in the middle.

One way to test the right amount of nectar concentration and consistency for preparing all types of jam is to put a plate in the freezer from the beginning to cool down. Then pour a tablespoon of nectar on the back of the plate; if the nectar is hard and does not drip from the back, your nectar has found the right consistency.

When the nectar of the jam reaches the right concentration, drain and add the petals and give it 5 minutes to boil in the nectar (for dry petals, more than 5 minutes will make the rosehip jam bitter .)

Third level: Cooking rose jam

At this stage, remove the jam from the flame and cover it with a lid until it cools down. Leave the jam in the refrigerator overnight until morning. The next day, pour the rose jam into clean, dry, grease-free jars with lids and leave them in the refrigerator.

Which rose petal is best for making jam?

To make delicious homemade jam, you must first know how to choose the petals. Usually, rose petals in the desert and dry areas taste bitter and are unsuitable for jam. Although you can extract the bitterness from the flowers by boiling them, this method destroys the aroma and flavour of the flowers and makes your jam inferior in quality.

It would help to use flowers from mountainous regions like Azerbaijan to prepare rosehip jam. To ensure the petals are not bitter, you can put a few raw petals in your mouth and test them.

If the rose petal is bitter, it is not suitable for making rose jam. Remember that flowers with pink petals are best for making jam. Usually, dark and red flowers have a bitter taste.

How to make Marmalade jam with walnuts

In the method of making jam with walnuts, you should prepare the jam according to the method mentioned earlier, using fresh or dry petals. Then add chopped walnuts at the final stage of jam cooking.

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Then turn off the gas flame and put the jam pot in the basin of ice water. This will make your jam more colourful.

How to make Rosemary jam with grape juice

To prepare rosehip jam with grape juice, you must first combine some grape juice with equal water. Then pour the ingredients into the pot and put it on the heat. After the grape juice heats up, add the rosemary petals that you have already removed their bitterness to the juice and let your jam prepare with a gentle heat.

Take the foam on the juice so that the colour of the jam does not become cloudy. Then add cardamom. Add lemon juice in the last 5 minutes and turn off the flame.

The secret of making rosehip jam without sugar

Usually, adding too much sugar or boiling the jam with high heat causes it to become sugary. If the jam is boiled with high heat, add some water and then boil it again with low heat. If the amount of sugar in the jam is high, you can add a little lemon essence to the jam to prevent the jam from sugaring and make your jam beautiful.

Tips and techniques of how to prepare James marmalade jam and how to get the bitterness of the jam

*To make fresh rosehip jam, it is better to use the leaves of rosehips from the mountains and not the desert because they are not bitter.

* For the jam not to mould, the nectar of the jam must reach the consistency of honey.

* It is true that the other name of this jam is rose jam, but to make this jam, you need to use pink rose petals. Red Rosemary leaves are bitter for Rosemary syrup and jam and, of course, laxative.

* The reason for the hard, rubbery and stretching of the rosehip jam is that the jam is not cooked well.

*add two spoons of rose water to the jam if you want.

* Do not add colour to rosehip jam because it will become bitter.

* When roasting dried flowers, you should be careful that the roasting time is short. If even one of the leaves burns, it makes the whole jam bitter. Roasting should be as hot as the petals, not more.

* To make rose jam without mould, you must boil the jam. The thinness of the jam is the most important reason for its moldiness.

*To transfer the jam to the glass, use a dry and clean glass and a dry spoon.

*Don’t forget that boiling the petals causes the colour of the jam to become dull and pale. To prepare rosehip jam, be sure to use healthy, correct flowers without rotting and spoilage, and to solve this problem, you can use a little food colouring.


Why does rosehip jam go mouldy?

For the jasmine jam not to go mouldy, the nectar of the jam must reach its consistency and not be thick.

How to get the bitterness of rose jam?

You can get its bitterness by boiling rose petals twice.

What kind of flower is the best flower for making jam?

To prepare rosehip jam with fresh and dry petals, you must use high-quality flowers from mountainous areas. If you use flowers from desert areas like Kashan, you should boil them several times to remove their bitterness.

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