How to prepare 4 types of melon dessert with delicious

How to prepare 4 types of melon dessert with delicious

Have you ever made melon dessert with ice cream at home? By combining melon and ice cream as the main ingredients, alone or mixed with other ingredients, you can prepare various delicious desserts suitable for parties and events and enjoy its delicious taste as a hearty evening meal. In this article from the cooking service in Cyrus magazine, we will show you how to prepare four types of melon desserts with ice cream.

Melon dessert with ice cream, cream and biscuits

  • Preparation time for melon ice cream dessert: 20 minutes
  • Melon ice cream dessert preparation time: 2 hours

Ingredients for melon dessert with ice cream

  • Melon: 20 chopped pieces
  • Vanilla ice cream: 200 grams
  • Cream: 200 grams
  • Golden stem biscuits: 1 pack

How to prepare a melon dessert with ice cream

The properties of melon are not one or two. So it’s not bad to make some desserts with melon. For the recipe for this summer dessert with melon, especially if the cantaloupe or cantaloupe is delicious, every time you prepare the ingredients for the dessert, pour the ingredients in a layer in the mould and leave the mould in the freezer each time to set. Finally, add some cream to form and decorate the dessert.

Step 1: beat the ice cream with a mixer

In the first step of teaching melon dessert with ice cream, cover the bottom of a cake mould with oil paper or aluminium foil and freeze it for ten minutes to cool. Then pour the vanilla ice cream into a bowl and beat it until the texture is light and fluffy.

Step 2: Prepare the dessert ingredients

At this stage, wash the melons and puree or chop them. Crush or crush the Golden Stalk Biscuits too. Then add half of the melons to the ice cream and mix the ingredients. Remove the mould from the fridge and pour the ice cream and melon into it. Smooth the surface of the dessert with a spoon.

Step 3: Pour the second layer of the dessert

Mix the crushed biscuits with half the cream and pour on the first layer. Place the mixture in the freezer for 2 hours. Meanwhile, beat the remaining cream until it forms peaks. When the dessert is ready and set in the freezer, decorate the top of the dessert with whipped cream.

You can decorate the dessert with slices of other fruits, such as fresh bananas. You can buy all kinds of ice cream, biscuits and cream easily from the collection of chain stores of Afogh Korosh; you can choose various online, telephone or face-to-face sales methods.

Quick and easy way to make melon ice cream dessert

  • Dessert preparation time: 10 minutes

Ingredients for making a dessert with ice cream and melon

  • Ice cream: 500 grams
  • Melon: 1/2 of a medium melon

How to prepare a dessert with melon and ice cream

In this dessert, only ice cream and melon are used to make it, which can be served immediately after preparation.

Step 1: puree the melon

Wash it and cut its inner layer with a knife to prepare a quick and simple dessert with ice cream and melon. Then crush the ice cream, put it in a mixer or blender, and beat it until completely pureed.

Step 2: Serve the dessert

Pour the desired amount of ice cream into the bottom of a glass or serving dish at this stage. Then pour the pureed melon on the ice cream. Decorate the ice cream and melon with desired ingredients on the dessert and serve and drink the dessert immediately cold.

Ice cream dessert with melon and milk

  • Melon ice cream with milk preparation time: 10 minutes

Ingredients for making melon ice cream dessert

  • Melon: 1 medium
  • Chocolate (or vanilla) ice cream: 1 French cup
  • Milk: 1/4 French cup
  • Colored truffles or some cream: as desired (for decoration)

How to make dessert with ice cream and melon

Like the previous method, you must puree the ingredients and add ice cream to make a melon and ice cream dessert. In the end, put the dessert in a dish, decorate it, and serve. Follow the procedure below to learn how to make an ice cream melon dessert with milk.

Step 1: Mix melon and milk together

To prepare a dessert with melon and ice cream, wash the melon and remove its skin and seeds. Chop the melons. It is better to leave the melons in the freezer for a few minutes until they are completely cold or have a slightly icy texture.

Then put them in a blender with milk and beat for 2-3 minutes until they are completely pureed. You can purchase low-fat or high-fat milk by phone, in person, or online, from the chain stores of Oghet Korosh.

Step 2: Add the ice cream

After the ingredients are pureed, add chocolate or vanilla ice cream to the dessert. You can beat the ice cream in a blender with the rest of the ingredients or pour it into a glass and cover it with the melon dessert ingredients. After pouring the ingredients into the dish, decorate it with a little cream or coloured truffles and serve. Do you know how to make homemade ice cream?

How to prepare a melon dessert with ice cream and jelly

  • Material preparation time: 15 minutes
  • Melon ice cream with jelly preparation time: 4 hours

Ingredients for melon dessert with ice cream and jelly

  • Vanilla ice cream: 1 glass with a French handle
  • Melon: 6 pieces
  • Melon jelly: 1 package
  • Boiling water: 1 glass with a French handle
  • Green food colouring: a few drops (as desired)

How to prepare a melon dessert with ice cream

It would help if you made the jelly separately in this recipe for making a melon dessert with ice cream and jelly. Mix melon and ice cream. Finally, combine all the ingredients, put them in a mould, and put them in the fridge until the dessert is ready. Follow the instructions below to prepare melon and ice cream desserts.

Step 1: Make the jelly

First, put a pack of melon jelly in a bowl and cover it with one glass of boiling water. Put the bowl on the heat of the steam and stir until the jelly grains are dissolved by the bain-marie method. When the jelly beans have dissolved, remove the pan from the heat.

If you desire a sweeter dessert colourful, add food colouring at this stage. Otherwise, you can delete it. You can buy all kinds of jelly powder by phone, in person or online from the chain stores of Oghet Korosh.

Step 2: Mix ice cream and jelly

Let the jelly cool down. Then add the ice cream to it and stir until smooth. Mix a glass of vanilla ice cream with chopped melons in a blender until smooth. Then add them to the above mixture. Pour all the ingredients into a silicone mould and set it in the freezer. After the dessert is ready, decorate it with desired ingredients and serve.


What to make with tasteless cantaloupe or melon?

If the cantaloupe or cantaloupe you bought is not sweet enough and so-called tasteless, you can use it to make a variety of melon desserts. You can even add sugar, honey or sweeteners to sweeten the dessert.

Why does dessert with melon become bitter?

If you use milk in the ingredients of melon dessert, there is a possibility that it will become bitter. Of course, if you serve it immediately, you will not feel its bitterness. But this is the breaking down of melon sugars and reaction to milk ingredients. This has nothing to do with milk or melon spoilage.

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