How to prepare homemade tuna with factory taste in glass

How to prepare homemade tuna with factory taste in glass

Making tuna fish at home is not difficult. Making homemade flavoured tuna that you can season in your way is more affordable and tastier. In this article, we will teach you how to prepare homemade tuna in 2 ways in a pot or pressure cooker and glass, along with its preparation techniques. 

How to prepare tuna in a pressure cooker or pot

  • Material preparation time: 20 minutes
  • The time needed to cook tuna in a pressure cooker or pot: 1 hour.

Necessary ingredients for preparing tuna fish

  • Hoover fish: 500 grams
  • Water: 1/2 glass with French handle
  • Fresh lemon juice: 1/2 glass with French handle
  • Olive oil: 3 tablespoons
  • Salt and pepper: as needed¬†

How to prepare tuna fish

In preparing tuna fish at home, you must first take the fish’s skin and season it. Then cook the fish in a pressure cooker or pot on low heat until the water is drained. Finally, fry some tuna fish. Follow the steps below to view and learn the details of how to prepare homemade tuna.

Step 1: Prepare the fish

To prepare tuna, you must first wash the fish and cut them into large pieces. Remove the fish’s skin so the tuna can be flavoured after adding the seasonings. Take out the fish blades after removing the fish’s skin so you don’t get hurt while eating.

Step 2: Season the fish

In a pressure cooker with a pot of the right size, arrange the fish next to each other so that there is no gap between them and the bottom of the container is completely covered with fish. Cover the fish with black pepper and salt. At this stage, you can use all kinds of spices to flavour the fish as desired.

Add lemon juice and water to the fish. To buy salt, mineral water, pepper powder, and lemon juice, you can order from the store chain of Oghek Korosh by phone, in person, or online.

Step 3: Cook the fish

At this stage, ensure that the amount of lemon juice and water should be enough to be level with the fish. More water causes the fish to be crushed, and less water causes the fish to burn and not cook.

Then close the pressure cooker door and wait 1 hour for the fish to cook. If you cook the fish in a pot, put a burner under the pot so that the water evaporates slowly. The heat should be very gentle.

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Step 4: Serve the tuna

In the last step of preparing tuna, open the pressure cooker door and take out the fish after the tuna is cooked. Then pour olive oil on the tuna. Place the prepared tuna in a serving dish.

Fry the tuna with tomatoes or tomato paste along with hot onions and eat it or serve it with white rice, vegetable pilaf or dill pilaf. Do you know how to prepare various dishes with tuna fish?

How to prepare tuna in a jar

In this method of teaching how to prepare homemade tuna, instead of pots, pressure cookers or pans, glass bottles are used to cook tuna. It takes about 2 hours to cook the fish in this way. This is an interesting way to prepare tuna with the taste of making tuna in the factory, which you can do in the following way.

Step 1: Prepare the fish and the jars

To prepare tuna in a jar, you must first wash the jar or jars, put them in boiling water for 15 minutes, and sterilize them. Then take them out of the boiling water and set aside. Peel the washed and chopped fish and remove the bones and skin.

Step 2: Put the fish in the jar

Pour the prepared fish into sterilized jars. 3/4 of the bottle should be empty. Do not fill the entire jar with fish. Then flavour with salt, olive oil, and lemon juice to taste. Gently shake the fish with a knife so that the inner layer of the bottle is greased with olive oil. Finally, close the glass door to prevent air from entering.

Step 3: Put the bottles in boiling water

At this stage, pour half or 2/3 of the water into a pot and raise the heat until the water starts to boil. Then put glass bottles in it. The water should be enough to cover the bottles, but the water should not spill out of the pot. In this case, the whole fish will be cooked. Reduce the heat and wait 2 hours for the tuna to cook.

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Step 4: Serve the fish

After the colour of the fish in the jar changes:

  1. Turn off the heat and take out the bottles.
  2. Wait for the bottles to cool down.
  3. Open the bottle cap. You can serve the fish immediately or fry it in a little oil and then eat it.

How to prepare homemade tuna fish

* Do not cut the fish pieces too much. If the cuts are small, the fish will be crushed after cooking.

* To separate the blades inside the fish, you can separate them after it is boiled.

*Adding lemon juice to a homemade tuna recipe is optional, and you can omit it. But if you add lemon juice, its taste becomes more delicious, and the smell of fish is removed.

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* The amount of salt and pepper to make fish tuna depends on your taste. You can use other spices, like curry, cumin, ginger, etc., as much as you want.

* The fish should not have a red colour between them after cooking. The red colour indicates uncooked fish. The fish must be cooked completely so that they do not smell.

*To prepare tuna in glass, use healthy bottles with metal lids without corrosion or rust so that air does not penetrate the bottle. If the bottle lid has a hole, the fish will not cook.

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* You can fry the tuna in olive or liquid oil until fried. Just be careful not to lose texture and crush the fish. Fry the fish on both sides.

An easy way to remove skin and scales from fish

In the southern tuna cooking method, one method is to wash and chop the fish to easily remove the skin and the Hoover fish blade. Then put the fish in a pot and cover them with cold water. Put the pot on the heat.

Add some chopped onion, garlic, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, coriander seeds, sour lemon juice, and salt to get the smell of fish, and let the fish boil for 20 minutes. Then put the fish in the colander and put the colander into the mixture of cold water and ice.

Or take the fish under cold water and put ice cubes on them. Then start removing the spines and skin of the fish. In this method, the fish are not crushed, and their texture remains healthier.

To continue the tuna preparation method, make hot onions and fry the fish with desired spices in oil. When the cooked and fried tuna are ready, serve them.


How long does homemade tuna last in a jar?

Due to the lack of preservatives in preparing homemade tuna, the fish must be consumed quickly. Consume it within two days after preparing the tuna. But if you prepared the fish and did not open the bottle, you can keep the fish in the refrigerator for one year.

What should we do so the bottle does not break when cooking the fish?

If the bottles are healthy and have no cracks, the chances of them breaking are low. But to avoid the problem of breaking the bottle, you should be careful that the heat under the pot should not be too high. Too high a temperature will cause glass bottles to break.

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