How to prepare creamy yogurt + 10 tips for making creamy yogurt

How to prepare creamy yogurt + 10 tips for making creamy yogurt

Do you know the tips for making creamy yoghurt at home? Creamy yoghurt is highly appreciated for its strong taste and soft and creamy texture. But the number of people who can prepare a delicious creamy yoghurt may not be that many because many people do not know the tips for preparing this type of yoghurt. In this article, we will teach and explain the tips for making creamy yoghurt in full detail.

What is creamy yoghurt?

One of the most popular types of healthy and delicious yoghurts, which is very popular among people in society, is creamy yoghurt. Due to its creamy and thick texture, this type of yoghurt is the best choice for a delicious snack, a healthy side dish or a tasty dessert.

Usually, creamy yoghurt with less salt and a sweeter aftertaste is one of the best options for making all kinds of yoghurt-based desserts and dishes. Creamy yoghurts are usually produced using full-fat milk and adding a certain amount of cream and powdered milk.

But you can get the creamy texture of yoghurt without adding cream and milk powder, provided that you follow the tips for making creamy yoghurt. In most homemade recipes, homemade yoghurt is made with starch and without dry milk.

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In addition, as it is clear from the name of this yoghurt, the amount of calories and fat of creamy yoghurt is higher than regular yoghurts, and it will be an extremely good choice for growing children. Of course, if you intend to lose weight, it is better to be careful before consuming this type of yoghurt and use plain yoghurt more.

How to prepare creamy yogurt

Keep the yoghurt, which is supposed to be the base of the milk, out of the refrigerator for two hours before making the yoghurt so that it reaches the same temperature as the environment. To make homemade yoghurt with milk, you must first boil the milk in a clean pot.

When the milk begins to boil, turn down the heat. Gas flame until the milk boils for 20 minutes. In this way, the germs of the milk are destroyed, and the excess water evaporates. After 20 minutes, pour the milk into the container you want to make the yoghurt. Click on the article link to study how to prepare hard and creamy yogurt in several different ways.

Tips for making creamy yoghurt

What kind of milk should we use to make creamy yoghurt?

To have a thick and delicious creamy yoghurt, you must pay attention to the points explained below and follow them so that at the end of the work, your yoghurt will be set in the greatest way feasible.

1- What kind of milk should we use to make creamy yoghurt?

One of the most important points of making creamy yoghurt is to use the right milk for this yoghurt. To prepare homemade yoghurt, it is better to use local milk that has natural fat. You can get local milk from reliable local dairy stores.

If you use pasteurized milk, be sure to prepare high-fat milk to have a firmer yoghurt. To have stretchy yoghurt, buffalo milk is one of the best options. To buy all kinds of milk, you can go to the chain stores of Afogh Korosh by phone, in person or online.

2- What is the ingredient of creamy yoghurt?

For yoghurt to become creamy, yoghurt and cream are usually used as yoghurt ingredients. But powdered milk or starch can make yoghurt thick and creamy.

The percentage of cream used for leavening is very important and directly affects the creaminess of yoghurt. It is recommended that the cream you use for leavening has at least 3% fat. Low-fat creams are usually not a good option for leavening. We suggest you read the article on preparing hard and creamy yogurt with starch.

3- What kind of yoghurt should we use to make creamy yoghurt?

In addition to starch, you can use cream or dry milk together with yogurt as a source of creamy yogurt. The yoghurt you use for the sauce should be regular. If you use pasteurized yoghurt, try to use plain, high-fat yoghurt and do not use Greek yoghurt, stirred or condensed and very high-fat for leavening.

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Pay attention that if the yoghurt is sour, the creamy yoghurt will also taste sour. Also, considering the amount of yoghurt too much will cause the yoghurt to run and loosen.

4- What is the ratio of milk and yoghurt?

One of the most important points of making creamy yoghurt is the number of ingredients you use to prepare it. For every 1 litre of milk, add one spoonful of cream and two spoons of yoghurt. Before adding the sour cream to the yoghurt, mix the yoghurt and cream together, then add it to the whole milk and stir until it dissolves evenly in the whole yoghurt.

If you use starch to leaven your creamy yoghurt, add one tablespoon of cornstarch and one tablespoon of yoghurt for every French pint glass of milk. If you use powdered milk, add two tablespoons of yoghurt and two tablespoons of powdered milk for every litre.

To prepare creamy yogurt with milk powder and cream, add one tablespoon of yogurt, one tablespoon of cornstarch and three tablespoons of cream for each litre of milk. Mix the cream and add it to the milk.

5- Tips for boiling milk to prepare creamy yoghurt

One of the most important points of making creamy yoghurt is the boiling rate of the milk after choosing milk and yoghurt. Pay attention that the more you boil the milk, the thicker and fatter your yoghurt will be. A thin layer of yellow fat is covered in the container by boiling milk. You must use this layer in making yoghurt.

For boiling milk, the best vessels are spiritual vessels because the milk does not sink inside the spiritual pot. Boil the milk for 10-15 minutes until 10% of the milk water evaporates. In this case, you will have thicker yoghurt. If you boil the milk too much, the milk fat will disappear; if you boil it too little, your yoghurt will be watery and runny.

6- The right temperature for fermenting milk

Once you have boiled the milk, let it cool enough and add the yoghurt. The ideal temperature for fermentation is 45 degrees Celsius. To test the balanced temperature, about 30 minutes after turning off the gas flame, wash your hands and dip your finger in the milk.

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If your hand does not burn for 10 seconds, the temperature is suitable for kneading. If the milk is not cooled enough, the yoghurt will turn sour. If it is too cold, the yoghurt will not be set.

7- Suitable container for creamy yoghurt

To make creamy yoghurt, it is better to use clay containers. If you make yoghurt in a plastic container, empty it into a clay container when the milk cools down to improve the quality of the yoghurt.

What should we do so that the yoghurt does not loosen?

One of the most important points of making creamy yoghurt is the steps after curdling the milk. After you add the milk, close the lid and cover the container and its surroundings with a towel or travel blanket to preserve the heat. It is better to wrap a container or a cloth around the container you put on the yoghurt container and leave it at room temperature. During this time, do not spoon the inside of the yoghurt.

After 3 to 4 hours, when the yoghurt has been set, please put it in the refrigerator for one night to cool it. You should also pay attention to the fact that the yoghurt hardens a little when it cools down.

So, during this time (about a day), when the yoghurt is frozen at room temperature or in the refrigerator, do not shake the yoghurt container in any way. Because it makes the yoghurt go away and loosen. Do you know the other causes of loosening and watery yoghurt?


What should we do to remove excess water from our yoghurt?

To drain the excess water of the yoghurt after closing, take a clean towel or cloth that absorbs water and hang half of it over the yoghurt and the other half over the edge of the container. Then put the container in the refrigerator in the same way. This will cause excess water to be absorbed into the fabric.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of utilising starch as a yoghurt ingredient?

As a source of yoghurt, starch causes the yoghurt to set quickly and get a firm texture, but the possibility that the yoghurt will turn sour sooner than usual is higher.

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