How to prepare creamy and simple cantaloupe ice cream jelly

How to prepare creamy and simple cantaloupe ice cream jelly

Cantaloupe jelly dessert with ice cream is one of the most delicious and simple desserts you can make with simple ingredients and does not require an oven or a special device. This frozen dessert, one of the most popular summer desserts, can be made differently. You can also take help from this article to learn how to prepare cantaloupe ice cream jelly in 2 ways and prepare these desserts at home.

How to make cantaloupe ice cream jelly with cream

  • Material preparation time: 20 minutes
  • The preparation time of cantaloupe jelly dessert with ice cream: are 8 hours
Ingredients for ice cream jelly dessert
  • Cantaloupe: 3 cups peeled and chopped + 1 small cantaloupe
  • Vanilla ice cream: 2 tablespoons
  • Breakfast cream: 2 tablespoons
  • Cantaloupe jelly powder: 1 packet
  • Gelatin powder: 1 tablespoon
  • Sugar: 1/2 cup French

How to make a simple cantaloupe jelly dessert

To prepare this dessert, you need cantaloupe, ice cream and jelly as the main ingredients, and you can replace the cream with condensed milk and eliminate or consider less sugar.

It is enough to prepare the dessert ingredients, pour them into the mould in layers, and let it close. For details on how to prepare this delicious summer dessert, follow the method below.

Step 1: Prepare the gelatin powder

In preparing cantaloupe ice cream jelly, pour gelatin powder into a glass of cold water and cover 1/3 with cold or lukewarm water.

Then put the glass containing gelatin on indirect heat or steam heat until the gelatin dissolves in the water using the Bain-Marie method and becomes clear and gelatinous. It takes about 7 minutes to prepare the gelatin.

Step 2: Make the jelly

At this stage, put the jelly powder in a bowl and add boiling water in 1 French-handled glass. Mix the jelly powder and boiling water until the jelly grains dissolve.

Place the container on the steam heat until the jelly grains are completely melted by the bain-marie and indirect method. Then put the container aside to cool and lose temperature.

Step 3: Puree the cantaloupe

In preparing cantaloupe jelly and ice cream, wash, peel and chop fresh cantaloupe. You can do this in advance and freeze the chopped cantaloupe in the freezer. Then put the cantaloupes in a blender and add sugar, ice cream, and cream.

You can increase or decrease the amount of sugar depending on the sweetness of the melon. Add the gelatin and jelly you prepared and cool down to the mixture.

Step 4: Pour the dessert ingredients into the mould

Then beat the ingredients in a blender until completely pureed and smooth. If you use a simple mould, grease the bottom and walls of the mould with a brush. Or you can pour water on the bottom of the mould and empty it until it gets wet.

After that, freeze it for ten minutes. This will prevent the dessert ingredients from sticking to the mould. Then pour half of the dessert ingredients in the blender into the mould.

Step 5: Add cantaloupe

After the first layer of the dessert is half sealed in the refrigerator, that is, about 2 hours later, scoop a cantaloupe and place it on the first layer.

If you don’t have a scoop mould, you can cut the melons into small cubes and put them on the first layer.

Add the rest of the dessert ingredients you pureed in the blender and set aside to cover the melons. Return the mould to the refrigerator.

Step 6: Serve the cantaloupe jelly dessert with ice cream

In the last step of preparing ice cream cantaloupe jelly dessert, leave the dessert in the refrigerator for another 6 to 7 hours until it completely sets and becomes cold and hard.

Finally, remove the mould from the refrigerator and return the dessert ingredients to the serving dish.

How to prepare cantaloupe dessert with jelly and ice cream

  • Material preparation time: 15 minutes
  • The preparation time for cantaloupe jelly dessert with ice cream: are 5 hours
Necessary ingredients to prepare cantaloupe jelly and ice cream dessert
  • Aloe vera or cantaloupe jelly powder: 1 package
  • Cantaloupe: 1 piece
  • Vanilla or fruit ice cream: a few scoops (as desired)

How to prepare stuffed cantaloupe jelly

In this delicious and popular dessert with cantaloupe, which happens to be very easy to make, prepare the jelly and pour it into it. After the dessert is ready, decorate it with scoops of vanilla ice cream and serve it cold. This dessert is a very good option for casual occasions. For details on how to prepare it, follow the steps below.

First step: prepare the cantaloupe

To make cantaloupe jelly with ice cream:

  1. Wash the cantaloupe this way and remove the upper 1/3 of the cantaloupe with a knife.
  2. Remove the seeds from the cantaloupe with your hands, and wash the inside with water to completely clean the pulp and the inside.
  3. Turn the cantaloupe upside down so that excess water does not remain inside the cantaloupe.
Step 2: Prepare the jelly

Put the jelly powder in a container and add 2/3 cup of boiling water. Boil water and jelly over indirect heat. Then let the jelly liquid drop from the temperature and cool down.

Add ice cream to the jelly until they are completely uniform. Pour the liquid jelly and ice cream into the cantaloupe to fill it. Leave the melon in the refrigerator for 10 hours to set.

Step 3: Serve the dessert

In the last step of preparing the cantaloupe ice cream jelly dessert, after the ice cream jelly inside the cantaloupe has been set and hardened, cut it with a very sharp knife and serve it cold.

Tricks and tricks of how to make cantaloupe ice cream jelly dessert

*Adding gelatin to the dessert ingredients gives the gelatin a glassy and transparent texture and requires less time to close and harden.

* You can use jelly with different flavours to prepare this dessert.

* To make your dessert have an attractive colour, you can add a few drops of food colouring to it. Green or yellow colour is usually used in this dessert.

* You can use honey or other sweeteners, such as date juice or grape juice, as a substitute for sugar. You can buy honey and date juice from the collection of chain stores of Afogh Korosh by phone, in person or online.

* The best type of ice cream to prepare this dessert is vanilla ice cream, but you can use ice cream with other flavours to prepare this dessert. For example, you can use cantaloupe ice cream to prepare this coffee shop dessert.


How to remove the cantaloupe ice cream jelly dessert from the mould without spoiling the dessert?

For the dessert to be removed from the mould more easily, you can place the bottom of the mould in boiling water or steam for 10 to 20 seconds.

Do not leave the mould in boiling water for more than this time because the dessert’s texture will be damaged and loose.

Using a blow dryer can also help to separate the jelly dessert more easily. Heat the back of the mould with a hair dryer and gently separate the sides of the dessert with a knife. Then return the dessert to the serving dish.

How to make cantaloupe ice cream jelly with milk?

How to make cantaloupe ice cream jelly dessert with milk, use milk instead of water to make the jelly or milk instead of cream in the dessert. Using milk makes the dessert taste stronger.

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